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Minutes 5-11-2007 [11 May 2007|08:36pm]

Last Meeting of the Year!

(Sorry for the lack of minutes from previous weeks...I's been busy)

Start: 4:12pm
Kelsey's Anime Viewing (Last one!) Tomorrow (Saturday) HS 103 3:30pm

Officer Nominations for Fall 2007 (Winners in Bold)
President- Phelps

Vice President- George

Secretary- Jordan

Treasurer- Susan

Congrats to all!!

Great Worchester Herp Search
Meet Outside Henson at 8am on Saturday (Tomorrow)

Reading Day-Wed May 16th
Seven Samuari Viewing
See Joe for details

Shorebirds game Thurs May 17th
6:35pm Come watch Kim propose to STU DA MAN!

Aitken's End of the Year BBQ
University Village Saturday (tomorrow)

End: 4:33pm

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Minutes 4-20-07 [23 Apr 2007|11:22am]

Heh heh 4-20
Start: 4:13pm
Anime showing-Every Saturday at 3:30 in HS 103

Assateague Bonfire
-Weekend before Finals?

Aitken is having a cookout in UV near the end of the semester because there are lots of people graduating (TEAR!)

Matthew needs people for extras in a Movie that he has written a script for! Needed the 1st and 2nd weekend of May.

End: 4:26pm

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Haha, Minutes 4-13 [16 Apr 2007|09:26am]

Start: 4:10pm
(Friday the 13th tee hee)
Anime Watching-Every Saturay Henson 103 3:30pm

Lock In was Friday Night wooo

Next Semester-Want 2 lock-ins? One early in the semester to get the new kids involved and keep them, One late in semester because they are fun!

Do we still want to meet in Fireside since it has been redone and gets loud?
Consensus says "HELL YEAH"

Matt suggests a Fundrasing idea. Use Fireside for Wii Sports tournament on the HUGE TV.

Shorebirds home opener was Friday (It was badass! We were recognized because we are that awesome!!!)
End: 4:22pm

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Shorebirds Game [04 Apr 2007|11:31am]

April 13th, game starts at 6:35pm

We will be leaving directly after the meeting because..

We are gonna TAILGATE! wooooot!

Please let me know asap your status on coming and your preference (burger/dog). I'm gonna try to figure out how much money the food will cost and then grab that cash money from everything to buy the foods. It will be a grand ole time!!!

This week and possibly next week at the mtg, we are gonna make signs for the game...especially for 'fan favorite' Stu "da Man" Musslewhite. (it actually says he is a fan favorite on their website...you can all congratulate Joe for making that possible.)

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[01 Apr 2007|08:31pm]

charles will be appearing in a bound & gagged performance monday april 2 8-9:30 pm in the wicomico room. note: this performance will contain adult themes and language. i will make sure of it.

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Starnet Meeting 03/30/2007 Minutes [31 Mar 2007|08:42pm]

Kim is out of town so Susan is now Secretary and Treasurer! Yay!

Begin Meeting at 4:05 PM

-Andy welcomed us back.

Admendment stuff.
-1st Admendment pretaining to spliting gaming heads passed
-2nd Admendment pretaining to the executive board passed
-3rd Admendment pretaining to the open membership passed
-4th Admendment pretaining to the Secretary and Contact stuff passed
-5th Admendment pretaining to the change from SSU to SU, DID NOT pass.

Susan proposed a new Admendment stating that money cannot be withdrawan from Starnet Account without the signature of the Treasurer and President. Most agreed to this, but Andy said we vote next week.

-Cannibal the Musical tomorrow (Saturday) in Fulton Hall Rm 111, at 8 PM. See Joe.
-Rocky Horror Picture Show tomorrow night (Saturday) in Wicomico Room at 12 AM (midnight). See Jordan
-Saturday April 7th, 3:30-5:30 in Henson Hall Rm. 113, 2hr Anime Viewing. See Kelsey for details.
-Relay 4 Life
-We need to really start fundraising
-Congrats to Kim with the most money thus far.
-Raffle "Starnet cleans your room or bathroom!" April 11th in the Bistro from 5-7 pm. Tickets are 1 dollar and all proceeds goto Relay 4 Life.
-Our Country is Taiwan and if you are interested please see Susan ASAP.
-DND Tourney, see Will if interested.
-24hr Comic Day! We might make a comic book, during the lock-in. See George for Info.
-Ultimate Frisbee game on Sunday at 3 PM. Meet behind Henson Hall, see Andy or Joe.
-Texas Hold 'em Tournament perhaps next semester? See Joe or Susan if interested.
-We are auctioning off Andy for charity! and others, this will go to help with Relay 4 Life.
-Delmarva Shorebirds opening day game! April 13th at 6PM leave from SU, see Joe or Kim if interested.
-Monday 7:30-8PM to meet at Joe's for his game.
-Candy/Soda sales were fantastic for Casino Royale! We currently are up in our account to 65 dollars (had to resupply) and if you help with clean up at least THREE (3) times, we are going to buy your ticket for the midnight showing of Spiderman 3! Yes this will be a starnet event and if you don't help still come because it is going to rock and you know it. This weekend's movie is Happy Feet. If you want to help contact Susan or Jordan.

End Meeting 4:50 PM.

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Minutes 3-9-2007 [21 Mar 2007|11:23am]

I slacked I know. But no one was gonna remember what happened if I had posted them right away anyways. So I figured waiting wouldn't kill anyone

Start: 4:13pm
Reading of New Amendments/Changes #1
*Another reading will take place at the next meeting along with votes

Next Meeting is March 30th.

March 31st-Cannibal! The Musical 8pm in FH 111
Rocky Horror Picture Show Midgnight in Wicomico Room

Joe's Game will resume on April Fools Day (He claims he won't play tricks, I think he is a liar)

End: 4:39pm

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A sad day in comics. A happy day for cancer! [07 Mar 2007|11:20am]

Mourning the loss of a hero

In lighter news, kind of, I'm going to bug all of you again about Realy for Life.
Let's get our name out there, let's do it for a good cause!
Register at www.acsevents.org/surelay.

Help raise money for Cancer Research and help to save everyone who has or will have cancer (you could too eventually, you never know)

First person to notify me that they have registered will get their $10 back (Essentially Free Registration!)

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Minutes 3-2-2007 [02 Mar 2007|06:58pm]

Start: 4:12pm
Halo 2 Tournament-April
-co organizing with COSC/MATH dept
-16 4-man teams
-Double Elminiation, bracketed
-In Henson?
-Wanna donate your Xbox? Talk to Phelps
-More info to come later

Snakes on a Plane TONIGHT!
8pm in FH 111
Concessions? Maybe
Raffle for Snakes on a Plan Messenger bag $1 for a ticket

Starnet Dinner-Next Friday, March 9th
We will decide on where to go at the mtg.
Choices are:
-Chinatown Buffet
-Tokyo Steakhouse

Relay for Life
-to register, go to above site or see Susan
-$10.00 to register (you get a free tshirt!). If we get 8 members by March 8th, we get our club name on the shirt
-We need to pick a Country and a fundraiser associated with said Country
-May 4th-5th-24 hours, Must stay whole night
-Fundraising Goal of $600-We currently have $45

We are allowed to do them YAY!

Next Week's Meeting is in the Pocomoke Room
(GUC 2nd floor behind Multicultural Student offices..near WXSU Station)

Midterm Survival Kit-Raffle? In front of Commons? More to come.

Joe's Chathulu game-1st session next Sunday

Evil Dead the Musical is leaving New York
the soundtrack comes out next month

If you spend $10 at Best Buy, you get a free movie ticket to the 300

End Time:4:47pm

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StarNet Society Relay 4 Life [01 Mar 2007|10:08pm]

Guess what guys, its time for Relay 4 Life! And as Team Captain I have registered us online so see me tomorrow at the meeting to get the low down. We need at LEAST EIGHT people to walk at Relay. So if you just want to help with our fundraising efforts let me know, but again we need EIGHT people to walk. So far its just myself but that's because I had to register us as a team and stuff. To register it's 10 dollars, but this covers your t-shirt (which if we get 8 people registered by March 8th they will put our club name on it!). So if you wish to join go to


We are listed as StarNet Society so you'll want to join an existing team. I have the forms that explain all that and other little things which will be covered tomorrow at the meeting. Not to mention we have our own fundraising site.


Alright that is all for right now for your lovely Treasurer.

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Minutes 2-23-2007 (I know I'm slacking) [26 Feb 2007|10:10am]

Start Time: 4:12pm

Snakes on a Plane-Friday March 2nd at 8pm in Fulton Hall 111. Fliers have been put up around campus and will make it into the Residence Halls later this week (Once I am done making them pretty with color).

Lock in was Friday. And a success!

Constitution Vote
A- 8
B- 11
Yay Constitution B! The Exec Board will be going over the Amendments because there are a few that are outdated and things that need to be changed.

Concession Stand Report
*Made 1/2 of what we spent (Good thing this stuff doesn't go bad!)
Sold Out Sat Night
*Made $21.36

End Time: 4:37pm

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Lock In [23 Feb 2007|07:23pm]

Lock In Tonight!!!

Nanticoke Rooms in the GUC.

Come join the festivities!!!!!

(minutes from todays mtg will come later, I'm too lazy right now)

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Concessions! [19 Feb 2007|01:57pm]

Hey Guys, another post here as a huge THANK YOU! to all those that came out and helped/supported our concessions this weekend. Totals were actually a bit surprising this weekend. In total we did about 30 dollars this weekend (which is pretty good). This was pretty good considering most people didn't know we were going to be there, and now are looking for a schedule of our times. Below i have listed some of the next movies for everyone in case anyone has any time open to help with them. Please see myself, or Jordan about helping out, if you can work the stand maybe helping with the clean up afterwards? Btw-we left that place freakin' spotless last night and the night before. Way to go guys!


2/24 and 2/25 (Note this is Saturday and Sunday nights)- 10PM Stranger than Fiction

3/3 and 3/4 - Saturday we will do the 10 PM only and Sunday will be 7 & 10 Happy Feet

OUR FIRST BIG WEEKEND! 3/9 and 3/10- This is Casino Royale Weekend so we will be selling at both the 7 and 10 PM shows on Saturday and Sunday.

That is all from this end till I get the list again from Jordan. Spread the word, let people know when we will be there. I have some survey's here if someone didn't mind getting a class to fill them out or something for some statistical analysis? Thanks guys!

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Minutes 2-16-2007 (sorry for the Delay!) [19 Feb 2007|10:26am]

Start Time: 4:13pm
Snakes On A Plane-We will be showing this March 2nd in FH 111-Fliers will be posted around campus

We got a piece of Quilt from Soap-We will be ironing on our logo thing

If you want to participate in any of the follow SGA recognized events, please tell Phelps.
-Darfur thing
-Big Event-April 14th (this is the during our Lock in)
-Earth Day-April 19th
-Cinco De Mayo-TBA
-Relay for Life-May 4th
-Multicultrual Affair

Lock In #1 Feb 23-24 (this weekend) Following the after meeting dinner 6pm-6am (probably later) in GUC Nanticoke Rms A, B and C

We will be looking at BOTH of our constitutions and deciding which to keep...if you would like to see the constitutions, IM StarNetSociety

We have 0 money Woot!
-We cannot do our concession fundraiser unless we are willing to also clean the Caruthers Auditorium after the movie. Please, See Susan if you are willing to help out at any time during the semester.

Kristen is selling her Manga...see her for titles and if you want some

Interested in a Rummage Sale fundrasier? We could also rent out space to other clubs.

End: 4:49pm

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Minutes 2-9-2007 [09 Feb 2007|09:04pm]

Start: 4:06pm
Fantasy Head-Julianna
Gaming Head Change
-Prego resigned
-Judy will be taking over

Everyone introduced themselves

If you want anything on a powerpoint slide to play before the on campus movies or If you would like anything from SOAP-See Jordan

Paint Balling on Saturday-See Chris Aitken

If you would be willing to work the concession stands for the movies, starting with next week, The Departed-Talk to Susan
Delaware Anime Society-Mtg in Dover on Saturday-See Susan

Anime-Weekly viewings of shows-2 hours long or so-See Kelsey if interested

End: 4:26pm

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First Mtg of Spring 2007 [02 Feb 2007|06:55pm]

Start Time: 4:07

The Dude gladly passes the mantle to Phelps.

Head Nominations
Fantasy-OPEN until after Student Activities Fair
Chief of Ops-George

Lock Ins
February 23
April 13

AIM sn Starnet Society
-Things about the upcoming meetings will be posted here
-If you have questions/concerns/comments, you can leave them here.

In the upcoming meetings, the Constitutions (yes plural) will be addressed.

VP Joe explains the jobs of the heads.

Contact Joe for:
-Call of Cathulu stuff
-Next Friday, D&D 2nd edition-if you would like to participate
-Seven Samuari viewing during March, along with SUSHI!

Contact Susan for:
-Concession stand outside campus movies
-Need a team to head this-Jordan=head of team
-projecting profits of near $200, will use for events and lock in in April
-VOTE! Valentine's Day-Get cheap roses from Kitty's to sell with Romantic notes written pretty by Susan
-If you can walk around campus selling roses on Tuesday the 13th and Wednesday the 14th-talk to Susan

Shorebirds group trip after season opens in April-will be discussed more in depth in April

March 31 at midnight-viewing of Rocky Horror Picture Show-Jordan is MCing
-Dress up as your favorite character!
-Contact Jordan if interested in participating

T-shirts-design is almost complete, they will be going to the printers soon
-We will not have shirts for Activities Fair, but definately by end of semester
Starnet Dinner-possibly at the end of Februrary
-Last time we had it at Outback-Can do that again, or think of more ideas
Snakes on a Plane viewing-possibly a two weeks from todays meeting
-Fliers will be put up around campus

We have a bulletin board!!! It's bulletin board A in the GUC hallway. If you have pictures or other things relating to Starnet that you think would be good to put on the board, contact Phelps

We need volunteers for the Activities Fair. Thursday February 8th 11am-3pm in the Wicomico Room. Contact Phelps if you can help, or just stop by.

Cannibal: The Musical-viewing near end of semester
-Starnet members need to come dressed up

Movies coming out soon
March 9th-Frank Miller's 300
May 4th-Spiderman 3

Executive meetings will be taking place this semester for heads and such.

Chaos: 4:40

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[08 Dec 2006|05:49pm]

December 8, 2006

Meeting Start: 4:08

Next semester we’re going to have two lock-ins. February 13th, and April 15th weekends. Nanticoke rooms A, B, and C. 6 pm to 6pm.

If you need a t-shirt and have not requested one send an email to Joecool41@aol.com or contact him on AIM at Joecool 41. If your t-shirt size changes please email him with your original size and your updated size.

Secretary: Kim

Treasurer: Susan

Vice President: Joe

President: Phelps

Meeting close: 4:45

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Christmas Dinner List [04 Dec 2006|11:15pm]

Hey everyone! Look I really hate to be annoying about this but cooking for a lot of people is a difficult task so I definately need a yes or no by people pretty soon. So far the people listed below have told me they are coming:

Chris A.
Lee Anne
Dude (are you bringing Zee?)
Emily (Because I love her and I am sorry)

As for everyone else, I really need an answer soon so we can prepare food. Again, we have to judge the serving amount and we really need a good guess of how much to prepare for. If you are not on the list, please just e-mail me shamer85@yahoo.com. If you are not on the list and don't tell me you are coming I don't know if there will be enough food. If you would like to help with any preperations (such as you want to bring a dish, or might want to help us in the Saturday/Sunday prep planning) contact me soon. I do need some help with some lights and on Sunday afternoon I guarntee a lunch to those helping me.

Thank you again! And Happy Holidays!


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[01 Dec 2006|05:39pm]

December 1, 2006

Meeting Start: 4:08

Lock-in can’t be held the first weekend of December because they’re setting up the Nanticoke rooms for final exams. Alex secured two lock in locations for next semester. The first weekend when we come back. The second one is the 12th or 13th of April. We have Nanticoke, overnight from 6 pm to 6 am.

T-shirts will be prepared for next semester so come next week and let us know what size you need.

R.S.V.P. To Susan (shamer85@yahoo.com) about coming to her Dinner on December 10th. She’ll give directions out next Friday, everyone should probably park in the Church or Synagogue parking lot across the street.

Anyone that wants to get a corset from Linda, contact Linda. There’ll be two corsets auctioned on Ebay.

President should appoint chief of opperations position, may select a few different people then Starnet can vote. Only students may apply due to need for student id number bullshit.

Nominations for Secretary:

Nominations for Treasurer:

Nominations for Vice President:

Nominations for President:

Meeting Close: 4:36

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Christmas Dinner! [29 Nov 2006|04:10pm]

Hey everyone, just a reminder that Linda, Nick, and I are hosting a Christmas dinner for all our friends on Sunday December 10th. I really need to know how many people plan to attend so that I can prepare the adequate amount of food, so if you plan to attend please respond to this post, or e-mail me at shamer85@yahoo.com so that I can prepare the right amount.

Also! If you have recipes you would like to donate to the event please make sure to bring a nicely written copy (so I don't have to strain to read anyone's mother's handwritting if they are like my mom's (she wrote in tiny cursive)). Then we'll see what we can work in. I already have gotten a few recipes from some people and I will give out directions next Friday and arrange rides. (I will most likely ask you either park in the church parking lot near my house or walk due to the tiny area of the drive way and the inability to park on the street. If you have an allergy please let us know as well so we can try to avoid any issues.


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